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Mix package with lots of exciting seeds of Vegetable and FLower, Value at least 500sek

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You don't really know what to grow or maybe try something new.

Try our mix package. Our mix palette contains quantities of different seeds from well-known companies.The seeds you get are a mix so it is not possible to wish for which seeds you want. We mix and try to make sure not to get too many of the same variety in all mixes.

A mix packet of seeds is an assortment of various types of seeds that have been carefully selected to offer a diverse range of plants for your garden. This packet of seeds contains a combination of flower, herb, and vegetable seeds, making it an excellent choice for gardeners who want to experiment with different types of plants.

With a mixed packet of seeds, you can create a vibrant and dynamic garden that will provide you with fresh produce, beautiful flowers, and aromatic herbs. The variety of seeds included in the packet allows you to grow plants with different colors, shapes, sizes, and flavors, which can add visual interest and depth to your garden.

Whether you're an experienced gardener or a beginner, a mixed packet of seeds is a great way to get started with your gardening journey. You can plant the seeds in your backyard, a raised garden bed, or even in containers on your balcony or windowsill. With proper care and attention, these seeds will grow into healthy, thriving plants that will provide you with a bountiful harvest and a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy.

Considerably more varieties than the pictures show.

We have three different sizes.
Value 500
Value 1000
Value 1500

Note: The seeds are delivered in a transparent zip bag due to repackaging from a wholesaler.



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