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Last Chance Hanging LED Grow Light Bulb For Indoor Plants

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Grow your plants throughout the year: These LED grow lights for indoor plants (full spectrum) provide the perfect high-quality plant light that will allow your indoor garden to bloom and flourish year-round. The perfect plant grows lights for your home: Show off your indoor garden without harsh or unsightly lighting. GE's indoor LED grow light bulbs provide a pleasing, natural light temperature that integrates well with any decorative aesthetic. Long-lasting, low energy, and low heat plant light bulb: The GE plant lights for indoor plants (full spectrum) feature advanced LED technology that uses only 9 watts of energy with low heat generation. GE Grow light with the balanced light spectrum for seeds and greens: The GE BR30 grow bulbs appear white to the eye but have a red/blue light spectrum that is perfect for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, leafy greens, and herbs. Grow light bulbs for indoor plants: Now you can grow any variety of plants in your home. The GE Grow lights were carefully designed to give your plants the lightest with a high output PPF of 16 micromoles per second.



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