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Last Chance froer-kinesiskts-karlekstrad-love-tree

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"Last chance"

Now is the last chance to find our seeds for this year. Take the opportunity to bargain before they run out. Limited edition of all seeds.

"Tip: Put your seeds in a tight-fitting bag and put them in the freezer, then your seeds will last until next year! We have up to 90% discount on some of our seeds, also buy more and get extra seeds for free. You will not forget our "mystery boxes" with lots of exciting seeds, the perfect gift for someone or for you who may have a hard time choosing what to grow. We also have ready-made packages with an exciting mix of seeds.

We have OVER> 800 different varieties of quality seeds from all over the world with a focus on unusual varieties that can otherwise be difficult to obtain.

We also have ready-made packages with exciting mixtures of seeds, everything from packages with different berries and fruits or mixed flowers or why not our largest package "the grower"


With us you will find lots of exciting seeds. Our goal is to be able to offer high quality seeds at good prices. All seeds have a Swedish plant passport and are approved according to the Swedish Board of Agriculture's rules for imported seeds. 

Below you see some short information regarding this really exciting variety: 

* Number of seeds:   5
* Germination: 85% 
* Cultivation: All of Sweden 
* Good to know about this: 
Growth time:  medium
Many of our seeds have a longer growing time than ordinary "vegetables", flowers and more. This applies to trees, shrubs, roses, citrus, and more ,. 
Above you can see approximately how long this variety takes to germinate. 
Clarification of cave times:
Fast: 5-14 days 
Average: 14-25 days 
Slow: 25-60 days

 * Cultivation instructions:
So these seeds in the spring for best results. Optimal germination temperature is 20-25 degrees. The seeds do not germinate in too cold and humid conditions. Gradually retrain and plant out after the last frost. Give the vines support and space so they spread quickly. Avoid overwatering

Note: The seeds are delivered in a transparent zip bag due to repackaging from a wholesaler. Info will follow in English futher down.

Antal fröer: 10st
SvÄrighetsgrad 1-10 :
*Grobarhet: 85%
*Odling: Hela Sverige
* uppmÀrksamma dÄ mÄnga av vÄra fröer Àr Exotiska eller omrÄden i hög höjd samt kommer frÄn specifika omrÄden i vÀrlden, samt TrÀd har vissa av vÄra fröer lÀngre "Gro-tid", dessa gÀller inte alla vÄra fröer utan endast vissa av vÄra fröer. Dessa fröer har en gro-tid pÄ allt frÄn 4veckor upp till 6mÄnader.
VÄra ordinarie och mer vanliga fröer gror i vanligafall pÄ ca 7-18dagar.

SÄ dessa fröer pÄ vÄren för bÀst resultat men kan Àven sÄs under sensommaren och gro under vinterhalvÄret. Optimal groningstemperatur Àr 20-25 grader. Fröna gror inte under för kalla och fuktiga förhÄllanden. Omskola successivt och plantera ut efter sista frosten. Ge rankorna stöd och plats sÄ sprider de sig snabbt. Undvik övervattning

Observera: Fröerna Levereras i genomskinlig zip-pÄse dÄ vi packar fröerna sjÀlva dÄ dem kommer frÄn vÄr grossist.

English Description:
Number of seeds: 10pcs
* Dificulty to grow 1-10:
* Germination: 85%
* Cultivation: All of Sweden
* pay attention as many of our seeds are Exotic or high altitude areas and come from specific areas in the world, and Trees have some of our seeds longer "Grow-time", these do not apply to all our seeds but only some of our seeds. These seeds have a germination time of anywhere from 4 weeks up to 6 months.
Our regular and more common seeds usually germinate in about 7-18 days.

* Cultivation instructions:
Sow these seeds in the spring for best results but can also be sown in late summer and germinate in winter. Optimal germination temperature is 20-25 degrees. The seeds do not germinate in too cold and humid conditions. Gradually retrain and plant out after the last frost. Give the vines support and space and they will spread quickly. Avoid overwatering

Note: The seeds are delivered in a transparent zip bag as we pack the seeds ourselves as they come from our wholesaler



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