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Cat Self Corner Groomer, Cat Self Grooming Brush, Cat Scratcher Comb Massage Toy With Catnip Pouch Kitten Massaging Wall Corner Mounted Massage Itching Tool for Hairballs and Shedding-Safe

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Your cat will like this new toy because it can comb his hair while it enjoys the massage and rubs with the product. Suitable for: The massage brush is suitable for cats, pet, dogs (long-haired small, long-haired), poodles, and short-haired. It can be used as a dog comb groomer, dog brush massage, cat brush wall, and cat massage brush.

Do not do it yourself: As long as the comb is fixed in the corner, the cat can massage and comb.

Use: Mounted in the corner at the edge of a small groove, can be placed to attract kitten cat grass.

Safe and Comfortable: With premium silicone material, the brush is ultra-soft, safe, comfortable, and durable; Robust plastic bristles remove loose and fancy hair. Adding some water to the surface of the brush could help attract more hair.

Delivery Time

Normal Delivery time is 2-9 weeks but it depends upon the size and how popular the mold is.


Around $32 for most of the world.


The molds are made up of foam. It works like fiberglass.