Terms of service

Terms and conditions

Faulty or damaged goods must be claimed within a "reasonable" time. (within two weeks) The complaint is made to our e-mail. If you need to return products, we are responsible for the shipping cost.

Always contact us before returning an item. Remember to pack the item properly, you are responsible until the item has come back to us. 

Returned goods should be sent to: Latexformar & Concrete products.

We do not redeem packages sent as Cash advances. 

If you wish to exchange in the event of faulty or damaged goods, your expenses such as shipping costs in connection with the complaint will be refunded within 14 days of receiving your item. If you do not wish to exchange, we will credit you for the claimed item. However, you may have to wait for your refund until the item has returned to us or that you have been able to provide proof that the item has been returned to us.

If you are not satisfied with how we have handled your complaint, please contact the General Complaints Board (ARN). We always follow ARN's decision. 

Personal data

When you order from Latexformar & Concrete Products, you also agree that we store and use your data in our business to provide a good service. Latexformar & Concrete Products assures us that we will never sell or transfer your data to anyone else