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Do You want Free Shipping?
No matter how often or how much you order you will never pay any shipping cost on any of your orders!

Free Gifts?
Who don´t want fee products? As a VIP Member you will get Free gifts you can just collect without any cost (Shipping cost will be added to the free product if no other product is in same order)

All orders with a Discount?
As a VIP Member you will get your own discount code that will give you discounts on all orders. You can use it as often as you want!

Quiz Life / Free Tickets?
In all our contests you will get 1 extra life per day! This means if you guess wrong you always get a new chance. Same goes on all our contests.  In Ticket contests you will get a free amount of tickets every time you make an order

How to become a VIP MEMBER!


Did you know you can get new and fun surpprice molds every single month? 

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