Seeds by MakeIT

We are really pleased to announce that we can now offer high quality seeds from MakeIT Production.

 MakeIT Productions is a small company in Sweden that through cooperation with carfully specially selected suppliers around the world can offer seeds of all its varieties.  Everything from common seeds to more rare seeds. The goal is to offer seeds you cant find in your normal store. Seeds that are hard to find.

You will find everything from Trees to Fruits, vegetables, berries, spices beans and flowers in all different imaginable colors.

 We at Latexmolds and Concrete products have no connection to these seeds or can answer any questions about the seeds we sell these on behalf of MakeIT Productions. If you want to come in contact with them. Just use our form under contact us and we will forward the information to them. You will also get a reply from us through them.

 Below you will find links to all the seeds divided into different categories so you should easily find what you are looking for.


 The delivery time for seeds is about 2-5 days



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