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Företagserbjudande / Förening / Hobbyverksamhet

How fun to see that you are interested in knowing more about our offers that are aimed at you who have a company, or you who do not yet have companiy with sell products that are connected to our products.
What can we offer you?
We offer you special prices on the products that would fit into your business. It can be anything from Latex molds to precast concrete products.
It is difficult to say what discounts we can offer you. It all depends on which products are interesting to you.
We can offer different arrangements depending on what is suitable for you and your company. Our goal is that whether you have large capital or not. Should you be able to access our products.
The most common layouts:
* Direct purchase
* Royalty
Brief explanation:
* Direct purchase means that you get a personal code that you use in your account when you place your orders.
* Commission means that you can access our products and sell them on a commission basis. This offer can be good to find out the demand for a particular product.
Sale at Royalty
Have you designed a product that you think would sell really well? We can help you. We sell on the largest platforms in Europe and on a large platform that is available in most countries with a very large customer base. We can help you make shapes so you can cast and sell. We can also manufacture finished products of your design and handle sales for you.
Sometimes you get hold of a product that you want copies of or an e-product you would like to cast. Then we can help you.
Are you stilm interested in what we can help you and your company with? Send us a message and tell us a little about your company / association / hobby.

Briefly of what products / layouts you are interested in.

 Click on the link to get to the form.