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You will find all types of Scary Halloween Molds for your Home... 



You will find all types of Christmas Molds for your Home Decoration... 

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    We ship worldwide and the cost of the shipping is around 32 USD. You have to pay for only 1 shipping no matter how many molds you bought.

  • Delivery Time

    The normal delivery time on our molds is 3-9 weeks depending on mold and how popular they are.

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    When you place an order the confirmation email can end up in your spam mail. Please remember to check there after your order if you dont recive a confirmation

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Care Instructions

Use, cleaning, care, and storage of latex molds.

The latex form you will acquire can be used several times and for many casts. However, proper cleaning and care are essential for this.

After filling the latex mold with plaster, concrete, ceramic, clay, or similar casting compounds, the casting should dry out completely in order to prevent it from breaking during demoulding.
To remove the mold, the cast piece is upside down so that the opening of the casting mold points upwards.

Now carefully detach the edge of the latex form from your casting and pull the form over your finished figure. Do not pull or tear the shape.

To make is easier to remove from the mold we recommend that you coat the outside of the mold with Vaseline (not for Latex molds, only for Silicone/PVC/PLA molds), liquid soap or washing-up liquid before removing it.

If you have successfully removed the shape from your figure, please wash it immediately with lukewarm clear water inside out and place it in a shady place to dry. Latex must never be in the sun! The UV rays make the latex porous and destroy the shape in a very short time.

Once the latex form has dried, powder it on both sides with talc, or baby powder, or potato flour. Personally, however, I only use this variant in an emergency ad usually use silicon oil to keep the molds durable and pliable. Please do NOT use salad oil or any other form of oil. These attack your latex mold and damage it beyond repair. Silicone oil is specially designed for the care of leather and latex. However, if you prefer, you can powder your shape with talcum powder after the first pour.

Now all you have to do is fill the latex shape with crumpled kitchen towels for stability and retention and store it in a dry, dark place.

It can occasionally happen that your new latex mold has traces of plaster or concrete on the inside. This is because I often make a test cast before shipping to check the shape for defects.

Please replace the band that's around the backer/support mold with adhesive tape as an option. The backer/support mold must be pushed apart by the casting compound. This would deform your figure.

Tip: if a dent or dent should appear when removing the mold. I recommend holding the mold under hot water immediately o that the latex contracts back to its original state.

For latex care of your new mold. I recommend latex Silicone-based care oil - you can of course also get this from us. Just send us a message.

If you have any questions about your mold, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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